Marching with us still - in Spirit...

January 29th 2016

Roger Clare - Member of Union Movement and the League of St George

April 18th 2015

Alf Barker (Obituary)

President of the League of St George 1988-2015

September 4th 2014

Roger Spinnijin (VMO Flanders)

March 24th 2007

Florrie Rost van Tonnigen

April 9th 2009

Colin Jordan (Obituary)

April 30th 1988

Fred Shepherd (President LSG)

May 28th 2007

David Lane (The Order)

July 19th 2005

John Tyndall

August 11th 2003

Lady Mosley

August 17th 1987

Rudolf Hess

August 25th 1967

George Lincoln Rockwell

September 24th 1993

Ian Stuart Donaldson

October 2nd 2005

Bert Eriksson (VMO Flanders)

December 3rd 1980

Sir Oswald Mosley